Recommendation: STOLLER

Mr. Buell:

During the removal process of the Weldon Spring WasteWater Treatment Plant, two Equalization Tank pads, which were specified to be 6 inches thick, were discovered to be 12 inches thick with additional 18-36-inch footers. This extra amount of concrete needed to be downsized, but was far too thick for the equipment that was available onsite. Your employees stopped, assessed the situation, and developed a plan. After business hours, your employees returned to your shop and retrieved the proper hoe ram attachment for the excavator, then returned the following morning and started downsizing the concrete. This dedication to our schedule allowed Premier Demolition inc. to remain ahead of schedule and the task was accomplished in a timely manner.

Your employees executed the work in an efficient, effective, and safe manner. Above all, safety is the most important factor on the job, and we are especially pleased with your company’s commitment to excellence in that area.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.” Your employees’ performance was outstanding and we want you to know that we appreciate their efforts. Well done!


Glenn Griffiths & Fred Hudson


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